Young Body Reboot Book Review by Drew Allen Roberts – Don’t buy this pdf before reading this

By | February 3, 2017

Do you know anything as mythical as a Youth Fountain? What a silly question, you must think. It is an obvious tie between fat loss diets and youth rejuvenation plans. No arguments there.

Here is another predictable puzzle for you. What do you do when you don’t want to pay extra for shipping on the jumbo-sized pack of your favorite melt-in-the-mouth cookies? You add the lowest value item on the suggestion box and get done with it before your sweet tooth does some serious damage to your bank balance.

What is Young Body Reboot

Sometimes you end up with the craziest things with these last-minute additions such as a $39 Young Body Reboot’ e-book. You see the 60-day money back guarantee on its cover and accidentally open it in your pdf reader. And then it happens.

Giving Up Gym Is How You Stay Young and Toned

So you are glancing on the first page as the chewy cookie center is bringing euphoria back in every single pore of your body. You are in a good mood and for the duration of this entire batch, life will be good enough. And then it gets hilariously better.

You come across the following so-called wisdom nuggets:

● Gym is not the way to get slim fast.

● Major lifestyle changes overnight make you age faster.

● High-intensity exercises are bad for your health.

● Costly workout equipments are the biggest fitness scam.

● Easy and simple is the way to go for staying toned.

You come to the end of this list and have a hearty laugh. For a second you wished them to be true but you are prudent enough to know better. So you grab another cookie and turn to the next page to have some more chuckles. Does it work? For now, good enough to give you a humorous read!

Everyday a Cheat Day

Now comes the time to hear the main punchline of this laughter fest. According to the University of Liverpool in England, there are certain naughty’ foods that enable the metabolism of our body to optimize burning the bad kind of fat.

And then you wonder, how on earth a reputed university is not objecting to such an intolerable misuse of their trusted brand. At this point, you get sufficiently angry to stop nibbling on your little-pieces-of-heaven-in-a-box and start giving it a thorough read to write a strongly worded letter to this seemingly halo-bearing Drew Allen who is playing too fast and loose with his so-called scientifically-backed claims.

Good Habits over Strict Discipline

The thing that will infuriate you most about this e-book download is how genuine it actually sounds. As you turn page after page, you are unable to find anything you can use to pinpoint and ask for a full refund at least. The points that will rope you in to give this clever Young Body Reboot’ system a shot are:

● A neat fat loss tracker and calculator.

● East to follow step-by-step guideline for each day.

● Exhaustive list of the metabolism promoting and hindering foods.

● Several eye-opening fitness myth busters.

● Extremely easy and surprisingly effective few minutes long exercises.

● A collection of mouth-watering recipes to regain your youthful and toned self, in that order.

Now you have moved on from angered to conflicted state. You know it sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true. You are too smart to fall for the same scam again. And this one takes the cake because it assures both youth and fitness back in your life.

But till now the fighter in you gets too worked up to do nothing about it. But he has no choice since that is exactly what you have to do according to this beacon of hope’. So, unconsciously you start following its guidelines because some of them actually make sense and it is hard to make the wrong choice when you know better.

Love This

Well, life officially stops making sense and you can’t be happier about it.

You are in the best shape of your life and your self-confidence is only increasing with every passing day. It is not just that you have lost a ton of fat in such a short time but you actually feel as youthful as your teenage years minus the acne debacle and the puppy love heartbreaks.

The things that will make you an ardent fan of this book from day one are:

● Affordable pricing at just $39.

● Lightning fast outcome of all your inputs.

● Easy and simple guidelines to follow.

● Flexible and scientifically-supported weight loss plan.

● 60-day full money back guarantee.

Hate That

Apart from the obvious regret of finding it after all this time, the following things might bother you a bit:

● The online PDF format is not for real book lovers. (It is not a modern classic anyway!)

● Without a regime buddy, you might feel like falling to old habits pretty soon.

● You might avoid the too-good-to-be-true tips at their face value.

Other than these, there is not much you can go wrong with this youth rejuvenation plan (and that is coming from a non-believer!). The thing that still makes me mad about this whole idea is why it is still not as popular as it should be. So that the fitness domain moguls can stop making a nasty joke of the struggling, obese and weary population comprising of us all at one point or the other in our lifetime.

Conclusion Cookie

With this health plan, you can have as many cookie bites as you want to (both literal and figurative)!

The constant diet of food fads and expensive workout gears has made us immune to sanity. This might sound harsh but sadly it is the real truth of the hour. The toughest part about writing this review is how easily people like you and me will dismiss it instantly and opt for a better (read: costlier) alternative.

So what do you say? Actually, don’t tell me. You knew very well since the first letter what you are finally going to do. Go ahead and do it already!