Review of Perfect Weight Forever by Marisa Peer – Don’t buy this without reading this

By | February 3, 2017

Any person who has ever struggled with those stubborn few kilos they want to shed , know the daunting experience of browsing the endless websites, blogs and magazines offering miracle solutions for weight loss . Those of you who recognize themselves in the first part will also admit that while every weight loss journey is entirely individual, most of those fads ,we may or may not have fallen for over time, do not offer a sustainable solution in maintaining a healthy weight and rarely do they provide the necessary knowledge for one to continue making informed decision in the long run.

So if you haven’t yet encountered the right program for you and your needs, weight loss surely continues to be a challenging part of your everyday life, while you stay up late researching supplements, equipment and liquid diet recipes. Now picture those words; – Perfect Weight Forever, it is not only easily accessible (and affordable!) through downloading of a program presented in a comprehensive pdf.

What is Perfect Weight Forever

Perfect Weight Forever is a successful weight loss program for men and women designed by hypnotherapist, author and inspirational speaker Marisa Peer who is highly acclaimed for her extensive work with clients of all backgrounds and with largely different weight struggles and her dedication to proving that anyone can change their life through a set of behavioral shifts.

Most of us will be able to recognize that most of our toxic relationship with food is founded on negative experiences, thoughts and associations, in other words, what you eat is truly what you feel! Leading psychiatrists in America concluded that our subconscious minds are responsible for 90% of our actions which is a rather impressive number, and it comes as no surprise that emotional, deeply-rooted issues cause us to reach for food as compensation and to avoid addressing those in the first place.

How does Perfect Weight Forever Work?

Concluding that if you can change your mind, you can also transform your actions and, ultimately, yourself, brings us to Marisa Peer’s method of weight loss motivation hypnosis.

The process of hypnosis in essence switches off our rational thinking or patterns of thinking and enables our unconscious to recollect memories and become more alert on an emotional level, taking in information to re-program negative thoughts or behaviors Thus, weight loss motional hypnosis can adjust any of the following symptoms and behaviors linked to weight gain:

· Comfort Eating due to a negative body image

· Anger Management which causes us to overeat

· Identify feelings of loneliness and unhappiness causing us to comfort eat

· Feeling frustrated due to negative body image

· Recognizing feelings of guilt and resentment which we disguise with eating

· Elements or people who cause us to eat to cure feelings

Many other emotional states either are the root cause or outcome of your feelings of powerless in the journey of weight loss and these negative feelings are a downward spiral that you can become a prisoner of which is a feeling I know all too well myself.

The Perfect Weight Forever program is a set of audio book recordings and an e-book that you can simply enjoy at home with a set of headphones or during a brief moment of relaxation in your regular schedule, absolutely non-demanding and entirely safe.

The program features four essential audio recordings; – the Hypnotic Gastric Band, Weight Control, Perfect Weight Forever hypnosis and the Regression session, all designed to re-program the way you think about food and the control you feel it has over you. The program trains your mind into seeing yourself as slimmer and healthier, snapping you out of the distorted image you have of yourself. To emphasize the above-mentioned in regards to the importance of our subconscious, visualizing yourself as slim does cause your body to ultimately have to adjust that new pattern of thinking, permanently!

Consequently if you condition yourself to avoid junk food or particular food groups, your actions will reflect that adjustment.

The regression session is particularly essential in pinpointing the cause or event that made you develop an unhealthy relationship with food in the first place, whether this event takes you back to early childhood or later in life and facing the problem is what takes you already halfway towards permanently fixing it and the program helps you do that in an entirely discreet way, using the valuable insight of expert Marisa Peer.

So Does it Really Work?

If there is anything that the Perfect Weight Forever program will do from first listen, it is make you feel in control! The weight control audio motivates you to restore a healthy relationship with food and those meals you dread without ever feeling like you should restrict yourself to succeed. When you discover that deprivation is much like overeating you begin to uncover the importance of being selective. The hypnotic gastric band audio does make the conditioning and results live up to its name; – mentally being able to shrink the size of your stomach is instantly felt in your food intake, which will definitely drop and makes you feel motivated to not only be more selective in your food choices but not overeat, ultimately allowing you to enjoy every bite of the real and natural foods that now come to replace the foods you used to binge on previously.

The primary hypnosis audio enables you to truly feel the freedom of not having to diet and recognizing the power that lies within you for making a change. Breaking negative habits helps you see results in your mental well-being right away while visible results in your body come to reflect the new habits you have put in place, all by yourself, and for good!

This unique method combined with holistic audio technology not only re-program your mind for weight loss but offer a deeply soothing tool for relaxation which will inspire you to take time for yourself during the hypnosis recordings, further relieving stress and soon after, you will be impressed with the outcome you have manifested.

Buy /Download Perfect Weight Forever

You can easily buy Perfect Weight Forever through online . You can download digital version in a minute and start using the techniques and tricks mentioned sin this program in 5 minutes  after buying it.