Old School New Body by Steve & Becky Holman: Book Review of Revolutionary Weight Loss Program

By | February 2, 2017

Health and wellness have always been the top priorities of people. When we speak of health, it doesn’t mean to eat everything served on the table or not getting sick. Some people who never had a doctor visit or admitted to a hospital aren’t in good physical shape at all. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It requires the right attitude. It needs to be practiced religiously. The right diet, regular exercise and proper rest and sleep. However, many had just been too lazy to maintain this kind of lifestyle. Trust me, if you can uphold being physically fit, you would feel the fulfillment you never experienced and won’t ever go back to your old lazy unhealthy self.

When you try to search the web, or ask recommendations from your friends, they will surely give you a lot of programs out there that will help you become the best version of yourself, change something that is not appealing anymore or just simply feel healthy inside-out. It’s very crucial to find the best one for yourself. You need to make sure it is well designed, well-researched and is safe and reliable. One program I have encountered is the one authored by couple partners Steve and Becky Holman, the “Old School New Body” Fitness Program. It is an essential fitness program designed for individuals aging from 35 and above. The authors crafted a regimen to make it safe and effective for all adults.

What is Old School, New Body Program?

The program has a quick start guide book and an eBook (PDF). The guide book is composed of 15 pages that presents all the exercises in shape, build and lean workouts. Tips and recommendations on what food to eat and what food supplements to take with your diet and exercise that will help you burn fats even more are included in this quick guide. Some information is already well-known though.

The eBook is the main course of the program. You can also download it from their website. It gives detailed information that is essential to be read before starting any of the workouts in the quick start guide. The famous protocol of this program, the F4X, is well discussed in the eBook including how it was designed and how to and when is the best time for the exercises. When I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I felt motivated because of the information on the book. It made me feel inspired to start the program right away. It felt the genuine goal of the authors to help you achieve your goal and become physically fit.

What is the F4x Protocol – Review ?

It stands for Focus-4 Exercise. I believe the authors have researched well the four most effective workouts which are:

  •  Squats
  • Incline Presses
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Upright Rows

It is structured to maximize weight loss and burn fats using its well-planned approach. You are required to select the weight that you can lift and alternating repeats with 30-second rest in between sets. The sets are really easy to do. Therefore, it won’t have a huge impact on the joints, thus, avoiding injuries. Once you have chosen the workout plan that is best for you, do it not more than 90 minutes. For minimal workouts, take approximately 30 minutes to complete the exercise.

What are the workouts included in the F4X Protocol?

The three workouts included in the F4X Protocol are the LEAN, SHAPE and BUILD workouts.

  • The LEAN workout is structured for starters and those that have not been beating the gym lately. This was the workout I have chosen when I first started with this program and I tell you, I saw great results. So, basically you only do the four most effective exercise for about 30 minutes. Do that 3 times a week. Since I was quite lazy at first to do my routine, I fell in love with this workout.
  • The SHAPE workout is for people who have enough time and want to do a more intense workout that the Lean one. Using the four core exercises, do this for 45 minutes 3 times a week as well. But, this gives more sweat and gives faster results. Perfect for those pumped up.
  • The BUILD workout is the most intense out of the three. People like bodybuilders and weightlifters who want to achieve the maximum effect are the target of this workout. The exercises are done for less than an hour and completed four times a week. I didn’t go for this one because my goal is only to get rid of my flabby arms and thighs.

Why is this program considered safer than other workouts?

The program specifically introduced a joint saving system. It means that this program will cause you no injury and works easy on your joints. Lesser weights and alternate days are much safer because rest is still achieved in between.




  •  The workout plan is very effective and easy to perform.
  • Recommended for the mid-adults and even the young ones.
  • Nutrition plan is explained in details on the book.
  • Free interviews with famous inspiring people are included.
  • With only 4 exercises, you can see great results.
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy access. No need to go to the gym.


  • Not enough photos included. Clearer demonstrations would be much appreciated.
  • Information about what supplements to take in is just average. I did further research on my own so I can make sure I take the right ones.

My Final Thoughts

Since I am already doing the program, I can say the it really works for me. I know Steve and Becky Holman revolutionized the usual workout done in the gym. They even included science and in-depth research to provide the safest and most effective workouts for people of all walks of life. What more can you ask from a very versatile program? At a very affordable prize, you are already on the way to a younger and the best version of yourself that you had just imagined before.

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