How to keep your fitness in check

By | August 3, 2015

Have you ever thought what is your state of form? Surely Yes. All we have done on occasion, but we would be targets for President? Often we ourselves or our friends say phrases like “with the free time that I exercise, I’m not bad” or “for my age keep me pretty good, and that I don’t do much” are you sure? After reading this article, in 15 minutes you will know truly what is your true physical condition.

Maybe you wonder what is the physical condition and what affects your health. More than what you think you, is something that accompanies us at all times, on the way to work, to the gym, to lie down… It is the ability to perform activities in our day to day, with force and energy enough to enjoy what we like, life and sports. In addition, it is one of the best predictors of health-related aspects. In this article we teach you the most important elements of a healthy life in relation to the physical condition and we suggest you a series of tips and tricks to enjoy ever more than one healthy lifestyle.

4 health-related physical fitness elements are the endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. If you want to quickly assess as you are at each of these factors, we briefly explain how you can do it:


  1. aerobic resistance


Cardiovascular and respiratory system’s ability to supply oxygen to the body during physical activity maintained in time. A brief and easy to know your physical form in this aspect is Ruffier-Dickson test. This test measures the ability of cardiac recovery related to physical activity. Takes note.


  • First measures your heart rate at rest over 15 “and record (P1)


  • Second you have to 30 squats on 45 “


  • Checks your pulse again during 15 ” and record (P2)


  • Wait one minute and take the pulses for 15 “(P3)


  • Apply the formula to find out the result: 4 x (P1 + P2 + P3)-200 / 10

Excellent: 0: whatever it is that you’re doing, keep so! You’re at the top!

Notable: 1 to 5. Congratulations, you’re above the average and still have room for improvement. You can increase your aerobic capacity with any training type HIIT, moreover they would be you fun and motivating.

Well: 6 to 10. You’re not wrong, you try to add one session to your workouts or walk more, play the partidillo of Thursday without failure, etc.

Enough: 11-15. Uuuyyyy!! Almost, almost. But you are on the right track, you show him reading Sport Life, now you need only to implement the advice that we give. Mood! It starts out running twice a week 30′, or to ride a bike 60′ also twice a week.

Insufficient. More than 15. You should worry more than your health. Start by visiting your doctor and ask for advice to begin a training plan. Try to do light exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week (minimum recommendation of who healthy living).

  1. muscle endurance:

Capacity of the muscles to maintain an activity without fatigue. To check your muscular endurance you can do the test of burpees. As its name suggests, you have to perform all the burpees as you can, rightly, for a minute.

Stand standing and makes a first jump with your arms up, then drop to the ground and supports the hands as shown in the picture, from the pooled position stretches the legs as if you were to make a background of arms. Merge with leap grouped forward and start again as many times as you can in 60 “.


More than 60 repetitions: excellent. You’re an athlete! Your physical condition is enviable. It continues as well.

51 to 60 repeteiciones: very good. You are a crack in the fitness room and your friends you are watching with admiration. In addition, if you use a little more time to your workouts, you can still improve.

31 to 40 repetitions: Normal. It is not wrong. It tries to be more consistent in your workouts and slightly increase the intensity to improve little by little. You’ll soon see the results. If you can, with 1 or 2 sessions of strength a week you should start to improve. Click how does the venus factor diet work .Works in the form of circuit the large muscle groups and get 2-3 series and 12 to 15 repetitions.

Less than 30: bad. Sure you’re not familiar with what we call sport or physical activity, but do not get discouraged, the fact that you have taken the test means that you have begun to worry about your physical condition. Salt run a couple of times a week, you can insert force exercises during those workouts