How Metabolism work to reduce weight

By | August 3, 2015

The answer is that no food makes you burn more fat by itself alone, because to burn fat effectively you need is to move and exercise. But there are small “shortcuts” that make substances related to obtaining energy from the fat cells work better and more effective. They are foods rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed for the process to work properly and can release the fat from the fat cells and be transformed or “burned” in the cells for energy.

They are not miraculous food, but they are a good help to eliminate once the love handles at the same time that you begin to exercise or change your workout routine by a more effective for weight loss. We are not going to deceive, it is impossible to burn more fat naturally if you don’t move, but that you can know well the mechanisms of process of fat in your body when you ingest food and what hormones and related substances, to thus “handle” a little threads of energy metabolism.

Food strips are actually necessary for hormones and natural substances in your metabolism to work properly. Discover the protagonists of energy metabolism and you can enjoy a meal to feed them properly.

  1. the controller of glucose: insulin

The main hormone in metabolism is insulin. This hormone is secreted in the pancreas when you feed and is in charge of detecting the levels of glucose (sugar) in blood and when they rise, occurs more insulin so glucose does not remain in the blood, pass to the cells and is saved as backup power. More quantity of insulin more fat you reach tissues. The foods that make to increase glucose in blood are foods rich in carbohydrates simple like sugar, sweets, sweet beverages, candies, and even food as the very fact rice or pasta cause a high glycemic response. If you choose foods high in fiber and complex carbohydrates as the Index Glycemic low, can lower blood glucose and not “cause” the insulin response, reducing the amount of fat reserves and improving energy consumption.

  1. glucagon slimming

Nothing to do with diarrhea… The glucagon is the antagonistic hormone of insulin, it is secreted in the pancreas when low blood glucose. Handles of stimulate the liver to raise blood sugar (blood glucose rate) based on transform cells of reserve fat into sugar. How much more glucagon is secreted, more fat is “burned”. To get that glucagon “domine” in the equation must avoid sweet or high GI foods and not go hungry, hence you should make at least 5 meals a day, trying to not spend more than 3 hours between each one. The more stable be levels of blood glucose, you’ll easily burn fat without starving.

  1. the growth hormone

The growth hormone does not only grow when we are children, is also responsible for the formation of tissue in adults. But this hormone decreases level until old age. People obsessed with gain muscle mass have come to injecting this hormone to display hypertrophied muscles. Does not need to play with your health to help the growth hormone, just have in mind that this hormone acts when we sleep, hence the importance of rest to help you assimilate a workout. Click here to check does the venus factor diet work When you sleep the growth hormone is responsible for regenerating and create new muscle cells and in this process gets the energy stored in fat cells from the adipose tissue. That’s normal weigh less in the morning than in the evening.

How to get it? The growth hormone need two amino acids mainly: arginine and lysine, so it is important to increase the dose of foods rich in them like rolled oats, and dairy, eggs and poultry fat. Also need vitamin C and vitamin

B6 so it is also important to take foods like peppers, broccoli, cabbage, berries, kiwifruit and citrus on the one hand, along with Brewer’s yeast, whole grains, wheat germ, salmon, nuts and legumes.

4 Carnitine

Carnitine is not only a supplement for weight loss, is actually a natural molecule that is involved in the transport of fat molecules from adipose cells mitochondria of cells that need energy. It’s like the train travels where coal that is burned to a thermal power plant.

How to get it? To synthesize carnitine naturally our body needs two amino acids: lysine and methionine. Lysine is in dairy products, eggs, meats, while the methionine comes from the car