Drink water to lose weight: a myth?

Often, it is advisable to drink water to speed up the weight loss process. However, a specialist in nutrition at the University of Alabama weights this common place in arguing that water is not a “magic” potion to refine its silhouette.


“There is very little evidence showing that drinking water would encourage weight loss; This is part of these myths that continues”, said Beth Kitchin. This American nutrition expert said, “I’m not saying that drinking water is not good; but it has only a single study showing that people who consumed more water spent a few calories more per day”.

Beth Kitchin also explains that the Council to drink at least 1.5 l per day is another “water myth”.

“Yes, on a need for liquid intake; but not necessarily water (…) There is insufficient evidence to make melt fat or that it causes a feeling of fullness”, adds the researcher.

She noted that the water is still the best source of hydration for the body phen375 australia buy but can also re-hydrate with green tea, mineral water and associated juice to water.

As emphasized in venus factor system review Caffeinated drinks also provide some hydration.

“People think that coffee does not count, but there are,” explains Professor Kitchin. “When we drink coffee, the body retains most of the liquid – especially among people accustomed to caffeine, as the body adapts, loss of fluids is dwindling”.

The idea that drinking cold water would result in a greater calorie expenditure is also a myth, note Beth Kitchin.

And to conclude, ‘then that drinking water will not help you may lose weight, adopt a diet containing foods rich in water such as fruits, vegetables and soups can contribute”.