Food suppressant to help lose weight: Apple

Many foods can be consumed at will due to their low intake of calories and because they cause a feeling of satiety which avoids eating again. Apple, except in special cases, is recommended for all those who wish to pay attention to their weight or make a plan.

An Apple: 60-75 Kcalories

A 150 g potato brings very few calories, approximately between 60 and 75 KCalories: it is an excellent suppressant because it satisfies immediately.

Other highlights of the Apple

An Apple contains of many minerals, vitamins as well as of the anti oxidants and decreases the absorption of cholesterol and fats in the intestines. And after a German study published in April 2008 in the journal Nutrition, it decreases the risk of colon cancer.

Remember to always have an Apple with itself

Remember to always have on you to consume phen375 fat burner australia one to two per day, including in the afternoon when you have the munchies. This avoids spilling on cakes as shown in the venus factor reviews does it work

Disadvantages of Apple

Apple brings a quantity of non-negligible carbohydrates: take the advice of his doctor in the case of diabetes.