Foods that make you fat

Often we find products that look healthy at first glance at the supermarket. The packaging promise fitness, less fat, more pleasure. But what is really behind all the promises on the packaging?

We have compared several products and found that many of the foods are not as healthy as it seems. Therefore, it is important that you carefully consider the food already with the purchase and read synopses. Only in this way you can determine whether the product keeps what it promises or whether the supposed healthy aspect is nullified by hidden sugars and fats.

Deliberately access to products that are advertised as “light” or “low in fat”. Just when you want to lose weight, this makes sense. Although less fat is  included in these products, but the salt content is very high . And too much salt is bad for the blood pressure and also the water retention in the body increases. This in turn increases the total weight. It is often better to consume a full-fat product like cheese or milk but in a smaller volume.

Also in organic products, you should be careful. One must distinguish between commodities, so fresh apples, vegetables or milk and manufacturing products such as, for example, phen375 australia online fruit yoghurt. The raw materials are ecologically manufactured, that means all these foods were manufactured without fertilizer or the use of pesticides. For products such as milk or eggs, that is, that the animals (i.e. food that was produced without fertilizer or the use of pesticides) are supplied mainly with organically produced feedingstuffs. When an organic yogurt, this means that the milk produced ecologically according to venus factor reviews  . The designation bio is still no indication how much sugar has been added to the product. In other words, has the yogurt organic is healthy but not automatically since there is possibly much sugar or fat.