Pepper – will it help you to lose weight without effort?

The main component active pepper could quickly become a new dietary supplement in vogue with the capabilities that it has boosted metabolism, as demonstrated by research conducted by a team from the University of Wyoming in the United States.

Researchers even suggest that food supplements made from capsaicin – the chemical compound found in chili peppers that causes a burning sensation – could eliminate the need for restricting his calorie intake.

Its operation is simple, it allows to transform the “bad” fats “good” Brown fat, as explained researchers presenting their research at the annual meeting of the Biophysical Society in Baltimore, which ended on 11 February.

“In our body, white fat cells store energy and Brown-fat cells cause a Thermogenic (heat produced by the combustion of fats) machinery to burn stored fat”, says the author of the study Vivek Krishnan.

Krishnan explains that the capsaicin based food supplement eliminates the weight gain associated with consumption of foods by optimizing the presence of Brown cells, thermogenic capabilities allow to burn fat without effort.

Several studies had already shown that white cells could become Brown cheap buy phen375 australia and vice versa, often through changes in temperature, but research from the University of Wyoming indicate that capsaicin causes the change of white fat cells in Brown.

To conduct its research, the team suggested a diet very rich mice and a small dose of capsaicin (0.01%). Vivek Krishnan and his colleagues have discovered that in this context the mouse did not weight because their metabolic activity had accelerated.

The results were positive for almost all rodents, only those which lacked the capsaicin and vanilloid (called TrpV1) receptor took weight.

The team is currently working on the development of a weight loss training program pdf made from capsaicin which would fight against obesity, its members are very optimistic and believe that clinical trials should quickly begin.

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