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The hard boiled egg

When you want to lose weight, we search the low calorie foods, which can be widely consumed. Foods that trigger a feeling of satiety limiting food intake are also useful in this context. The hard boiled egg, and specifically the egg white, is one of those foods.

Few calories

The hard boiled egg satiates quickly and provides few calories, in the order of 80 kcal about. It is rich in protein (it contains about 12%) and satisfies over a long period.

Prefer egg white

Better however prefer the egg white, and remove the yellow which contains matter fat and cholesterol. Egg white consists primarily of water (more than 80%) and can be consumed phen375 australia where to buy at will. You can prepare many recipes with the egg white. However, attention to not accompany mayonnaise if you want to restrict calories.


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Tips about the venus factor diet does it work

If you want to permanently lose weight, instead, ask your doctor and set yourself achievable goals, and in the long term. Regimes can lead to rapid weight loss, but these are often followed by a recovery, which is not the desired goal. In addition, the yo-yo effect that results is deleterious to health.