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Rules to Build Muscles

Build muscle and get strong is the “fun part” of weight training. The rules to catch a couple of kilos of muscle (except special features) are relatively simple: eat a lot and well, and trains hard and intelligently. However, lose fat without losing muscle tissue is different, you will have to think of caloric restrictions,… Read More »

How to keep your fitness in check

Have you ever thought what is your state of form? Surely Yes. All we have done on occasion, but we would be targets for President? Often we ourselves or our friends say phrases like “with the free time that I exercise, I’m not bad” or “for my age keep me pretty good, and that I… Read More »

How to increase metabolism

It is clear that a low calorie diet helps you lose weight, but most of the people that weight to recover returning to a normal diet, even if caloric intake is the minimum for your weight and age. The reason is that diets without exercise reduce the basal metabolic rate, well because the lost kilos… Read More »

How Metabolism work to reduce weight

The answer is that no food makes you burn more fat by itself alone, because to burn fat effectively you need is to move and exercise. But there are small “shortcuts” that make substances related to obtaining energy from the fat cells work better and more effective. They are foods rich in amino acids, vitamins… Read More »

How to Keep Healthy by eating Low GI Food.

Here are the keys to eating low GI foods every day. 1 always choose comprehensive or food fiber-rich version. Whole wheat bread with white bread, brown rice to white rice, whole grains against normal cereal, etc.   If you need to Peck something, choose foods from IG low like an Apple, apricots, cherries, four or… Read More »