Weight loss and Body

Treatment for losing weight without decreasing bone mass

Few people know that when you lose pounds, in addition to fat, it also eliminates part of bone mass. Fortunately, scientists believe have found a way to avoid this pitfall by using hormones naturally secreted by the body.

This intestinal hormone called GLP – 1, may prevent bone weakening in connection with a significant loss of weight, while keeping a constant blood glucose.

Already used to treat type 2 diabetes, the liraglutide is a comparable to GLP-1 hormone.

Previous research had shown that the liraglutide and other hormones of the same type did not increase the risk of bone fractures when it was used to combat type 2 diabetes while a loss of bone density is often among the side effects of treatments.

“The liraglutide has just obtained approval to be integrated into treatment anti-obesity through its inhibitory effects of appetite, but its effects on the bones of overweight patients who do not suffer from type 2 diabetes were not known until now,” says Dr. Eva Winning Jepsen of the University of Copenhagen.

To conduct this study, the scientific team found 37 women phen375 australia reviews who had lost up to 12 kg thanks to a low calorie diet. Half of the participants received a treatment with liraglutide and the other half followed the same diet without hormonal treatment.

In the space of a year, the research team helped the women to keep their weight, according to plan, by regularly providing dietary advice.

If they resumed weight, for example, it advised them to replace some powders of diet low calorie meal.

At the end of the year, all participants did not recover their initial kilos, but the control group had managed this by replacing one meal a day diet powder.

“The group which received the liraglutide did not have to do so because its members had managed to keep their weight through the inhibition of their appetite,” said Relaxnews the author of the sign Sorenson Torekov, the University of Copenhagen study.

The group who received hormone therapy did not lose bone mass and blood tests showed that they had a high rate of bone formation markers, produced by bone cells, so increased the mass density.

According to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that the control group, which received no treatment in parallel with his regime, has recorded a loss of bone mass.

“Postmenopausal women have an increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures bone,” said Dr. Torekov. “If they are trying to lose weight and thus see their bone mass even more backward, they are at even greater risk.” The study shows that overweight women may now lose kilos with the liraglutide without increasing their risk of decrease their bone mass.”

Adopt veganism can afford to lose weight


Eating 100% vegan or vegan (without products from animals or their operation) might be the best way to lose weight, according to a meta-comparative analysis between several types of diet and slimming diets.


To achieve this, researchers have reviewed 12 studies on veganism on 1151 subjects who followed a diet for 9 to 74 weeks.Check venus factor reviews for more info

This is the first study to compare data on lifestyle vegan and various slimming diets such as Atkins or those recommended by the Association American Diabetes and American curriculum to cholesterol.

People who have adopted a vegetarian diet (no meat, no fish but with the possibility to eat eggs and milk) or vegan on average lost 2.02 kg more than those who continued to consume meat and fish.

Among the subjects who ate neither meat nor fish, vegans lost even more weight than vegetarians, with on average 2.52 kg lost.

Vegetarians who ate however eggs and dairy products on average lost 1.48 kg more than lovers of meat to the regime.

In addition, people who followed a vegetarian diet lost more weight than people who simply chose to avoid meat.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are engines of weight loss, says Dr. Ru – Yi Huang of Taiwan’s E-Da hospital.