Bistro MD Diet/Meal Review 2017 and How Does it Really Work?

By | February 2, 2017

Bistro MD food delivery plan is a diet that offers you the possibility to eat meals prepared by famous chefs under strict nutritional ratios. All ingredients are natural and gluten free, so you will be able to enjoy this particular diet program. It provides you with 1,200 calories per a day for a full plan which includes three meals and two snacks. The combination of proteins and complex carbohydrates are the most important nutrients for your body. And just to state the obvious, there are already hundreds of satisfied diet users.


When you decrease your calorie intake on daily basis, your body will get used to that particular intake. The objective is to change your speed of metabolism in order to maintain your weight level. As you take lots of protein and complex carbohydrates, your fat levels decrease because you will eat frequently low-calorie meals which will speed up your metabolism and possibility to burn your fat efficiently. These are just some of the many perks offered by this diet.


Bistro MD Meals:

· Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal. Needless to mention, many people get it wrong as they eat too much sugar in the morning. The idea of Bistro MD is to give you breakfast that will keep your hunger at bay. One sample of breakfast is raspberries in a flaky pastry crust, a perfect blend of nutrients in order to start your day.

· Morning snacks – This particular meal is important because it will keep your energy level high in order to maintain a steady balance of your diet. The idea is to never feel hungry, so after a morning snack, you will be able to go another few hours without food. This snack has to be filled with proteins in order to succeed in keeping your hunger away.

· Lunch – Mixture of proteins and fibers are also the main part of this dietary program. A stable meal with simple marinated chicken breasts with tomato sauce and other vegetables will keep your body in a state of health and energy.

· Afternoon Snacks – The idea of this snack is to keep your stomach involved so that the �’wheels of metabolism keep moving’’. Metabolism depends on a number of daily meals, so if you eat more times a day but take smaller meals, it is better for your health than eating only once or twice when this involves heavy eating. The snacks do not feature any sugary sweets or anything like it, but protein chips that will give you energy boost

· Dinner – Some nutritionists argue that dinner is not important and that you could skip it but this is a tricky situation as doing it could cause massive shocks to the body. The evening is the time when metabolism slows down, which is why you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates. However, while you are sleeping your body needs energy in order to be revitalized afterward as well as perform other functions such as bowel and bladder control/continence. That is why it is most important to eat highly quality proteins such as fish meat with teriyaki sauce.

Food quality:

Bistro MD is so special because food offered has a perfect and delicious taste, considering how disappointing some of the most popular diets out there are in terms of taste and nutritional quality. When you are trying to lose weight, you don’t have to eat less, you just have to find the perfect combination of meals in order to stay healthy as well as shed the pounds.

Bistro MD Ingredients:

The main focus is on lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and low fat. The lean protein will keep you full and it will maintain your blood sugar levels. You should eliminate all simple sugars, white bread, pasta, and potatoes in order to get proportioned meals. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water every day, and you are encouraged to limit your use of caffeine. The program also recommends that you should limit your intake of fruit juices because they have high sugar levels. Milk is also discouraged as it is rich in lactose which is essentially sugar.

Lifestyle change:

The lifestyle change involved is minimal when you compare it to other programs. The main reason for that is because the meals provided by Bistro MD are real food.


The staff working for Bistro MD will provide you with adequate information whenever you inquire. Most of the programs have an online community where you can find other members and users and where you can discuss experiences and goals in an online forum. Some of the programs also include counseling and advice exercise. Bistro MD also offers to their members:

· Free newsletter

· Information program which will assist you in achieving your goals

· Constant access to their personnel and dieticians.

MyBistroMD Community :

This is an online community platform where you can log in and begin searching different experiences in order to understand that you are not alone on the road to weight loss. You can customize your own program by your individual needs. Also, you are able to pick your own ingredients in order to make that perfect meal you desire. You can get in contact with other users or customer service which is available for every advice and needs.

Bistro MD Coupons:

Even though the shipping is free, which one of the main features of this program, they have made various coupons that you can get from other sites in order to get a discount. This type of promotion is here as a means of facilitating your reach to the program in order to understand how the diet works. Bistro MD has become one of the most popular and healthiest diets in the world.

Dietary change:

This type of diet will not make you change your eating habits, of course, you have to limit fast sugar ingredients but you can make your own diet and there are plenty of foods that compensate for the elimination of fast sugar so you won’t feel deprived at all. The difference between this diet and other ones is that your meal package is something individual and made just for you. For example, if you were eating junk food, you will have a diet recommended in line with that fact. The idea is not to limit your possibilities but to change the way your body works.

The cost/plans of Bistro MD :

The Bistro MD includes four weight loss plans:

1. 5 days weight loss plan

· Program with three meals without snacks: $129,95

· Program with three meals and two snacks: $144,95

2. 7 days weight loss plan:

· Program with three meals without snacks $159,95

· Program with three meals and two snacks $179,95


· Food quality is perfect

· You don’t have to make lifestyle changes

· Well-balanced diet


· Maybe too expensive