Rules to Build Muscles

By | August 3, 2015

Build muscle and get strong is the “fun part” of weight training. The rules to catch a couple of kilos of muscle (except special features) are relatively simple: eat a lot and well, and trains hard and intelligently. However, lose fat without losing muscle tissue is different, you will have to think of caloric restrictions, foods avoid, the frequency of meals, the intensity in the weight room, the duration of the sessions, etc. And this is much less fun.

Nutrition is the factor that determines that your training simply serve to improve your physical condition or to become an additional mode fat loss system. Strength training is also of great importance, since if you do aerobic can that something works for you to lose fat, but only at the beginning, and also does not achieve the shapes you want for your body. Another aspect that I consider of the utmost importance in the design of a training is creativity, variety of exercises is essential both to maintain your mental freshness and to cause different muscle groups and working angles activations.

To train!

Discos, bar, the kettlebell that you bought and you’ve never used… Take that “Gilles” that we started to train. With these circuits you get a high muscle demand and you will improve your cardiovascular fitness and your hormonal profile; you get a loss of calories would be not only during the exercise, also during the following hours, in order to lose fat without losing muscle tissue. And all in half the time than your traditional training!

-Exercises compounds with little rest in an effort to maximize burning calories and increase the metabolic rate, during and after the session.

-Activate large muscle groups and several joints to create a type of exercise that requires more energy.

-High intensity anaerobic. If your breathing is not choppy or you’re not sweating… something goes wrong!

No rest between exercises and with less rest than you need between series (between 1.5 and 3 minutes), but remember, “stimulate not annihilate”, how hard is good, but do not overdo.


Previous level required: For detailed information check venus factor diet reviews .you must have a certain familiarity with the technique of exercises, since weights should be moved smoothly but with control. Do not overdo. Select a number series and repetitions in accordance with your technical, muscular and cardiovascular levels.


Repetitions: 6 to 15 per year.

Series: between 2 and 5.

Frequency: 2-3 days per week. Metabolic activation requires good recovery between workouts. If your main goal is muscle hypertrophy or develop maximum strength and fat burning circuits are a complement, making them once or twice a week.

A single session per day. If you do these circuits you don’t need more.

Tries to keep the material in your hands, if you rest do so without “releasing” the dumbbells, bar or the material with which you are working.

And there you are, tired of “eat your head” to do something different everytime you train, with lazy having to always go to the gym or desperate to have to wait until they are free the devices that you want to use.

We have good news! With a single material can make a great workout that combines a great muscle activation with one cardiovascular aspect more than interesting. It is what I call “thematic complexes”, an extraordinary form of “turn on” fat loss and muscle condition and evaluate your body’s muscle resistance. You will increase your metabolism with a workout complete in which the muscular effort and oxygen demand going to be Kings.

With complex!

This is the only case in which we recommend that you do not forget… thematic complexes. Choose one according to your tastes, the material that you have or your technical level. As a guide, starts doing 10 repetitions of each exercise and passes on to the next without break. Get between 3 and 5 sessions and leave a break of 2 minutes between them. You can adjust all these factors according to your feelings and your physical and technical level.